IJOY is a global electronic vape device leader. Superior quality, industrial design , and new innovative functions has been the key elements amongst all iJoy products. Not only did we changed the image of traditional tobacco products, but also brought the design of combining function and beauty to a new level. We believe our success comes from our deep understanding across business, technology and user. This has helped us keep breaking through different barriers in the field of vape industry. With our top research team, iJoy has been successfully capturing the market’s demand and user expectation. Since the start of iJoy, we have always integrated character, originality, and innovation in our products. Now iJoy has expended its reach over 5 continents throughout USA, UK, France, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Oceania,Canada, Spain, Italy, Poland, Denmark, South Africa, Paraguay some 30 countries.


CIGPET is a manufacturing brand of APV atomized equipment under IJOY GROUP. CIGPET pays attention to the practicality of products, user experience as the core, with its personalized design and rapid R&D capabilities, industry-leading quality, very cost-effective characteristics by many consumers. CIGPET through its standardized, professional channel management system, and gradually build a global marketing network, services to global APV e-cigarette customers, is committed to become a respected atomized equipment one-stop overall service solution provider!


LIO is IJOYGROUP's new brand of atomization technology and applications designed to transform the lives of billions of smokers worldwide. With the development trend of the times, a new generation of consumer users in the constant pursuit of the ultimate product experience. Sample, fashion has always been the concept of LIO design products, deeply in line with the core needs of the target users is the value of LIO. Let technology bring a healthy and happy way of life to mankind. Industry must be socially valuable to users to continue to grow, and in the future, we will always strictly abide by the laws and regulations of each country and region to provide adult users with healthier, safer, and more reliable ways of atomizing. Embrace the changes brought about by technology so that life becomes more beautiful is our original intention!

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