products:IJOY Mars Cabin 6000
IJOY Mars Cabin 6000
Brand: IJOY
Units: PC

iJoy utilizes a novel Mesh Coil technology combo that combines screen display, chip encryption, quick charging, and lithium battery compression. The environmental effect of lithium battery waste is lessened by iJoy Mars Cabin. iJoy Mars Cabin was originally designed with the goal of being more ecologically friendly. Its unique drive is "to solve user anxiety, bring a comfortable experience, and make the taste more stable."


    POD KIT:

        Size:∅ 15.0 x 91mm

        Battery Capacity:100mAh

        Output Mode:3.2V(10.2W)


        Resistance:1.0Ω Mesh Coil

        Prefilled E-liquid Capacity:2 x 5ML (6000Puffs)




        Battery Capacity:1000 mAh
        Charging Type:Type-C


    POD KIT:2 x IJOY Mars Cabin Pod Kit

                   Mid-pack:2 x 10 IJOY Mars Cabin Pod Kit

    CHARGING CASE:1 x IJOY Mars Cabin Charging Case
    MARS CABIN 600 KIT:1 x Charging Case + 2 x Pod Kit
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